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ROTC program prepares students for their future

Devin Myrick, a graduate of Florida A&M University, recently enlisted in the Army.

Myrick knew when he was in high school that he waned to attend FAMU’s ROTC program. He said it was a challenge but it was an important step in his journey.

“Joining the FAMU ROTC program opened up my eyes to all that the military has to offer,” Myrick said. “While in the ROTC I learned a lot about leadership development, mission planning, organizational development, mentorship and how to build and maintain a positive work environment.”

Myrick entered the ROTC program because he wanted to learn more about the Army. The Army reserves were a major factor for him as well. He looked at it as an opportunity to help to pay for his school and provide a possible career. As he matriculated through the program, he began to enjoy the environment and embrace what he called Army values.

“I no longer viewed the military as just a source of income but as a way for me to lead and develop others to reach their full potential in life,” Myrick said.

Kayla Bryant, a senior at FAMU, says that joining the FAMU ROTC program made a huge impact on her college experience because  she was able to make life-long friends, gain sisters through the program and also make many memories that can help her after she enlists into the Army.

“My cousin graduated from Florida A&M and I wanted to follow in her footsteps. I see her as an inspiration in my life, when it is time for me to enlist into the Army,” Bryant said.

The FAMU ROTC program has taught Bryant that some female sergeants can be strong leaders. She learned that she will be working with both female and male sergeants.

“My inspiration through the whole experience in the FAMU ROTC program has been everyone I have seen develop throughout the program to graduate and go on to be amazing officers,” Bryant said.

Bryant says that your career is what makes you a better person. She believes motivation comes from within and when you stay true to your inner self. Also, she believes if you never go above and beyond you will never be as successful as you could be in life.

Mohogany Smith, a senior at FAMU, says coming to FAMU’s ROTC program was one of the best decisions she made thus far. As a freshman coming into the program, she didn’t know what to expect, but that didn’t hold her back. Smith was offered full tuition and fees with an Army ROTC scholarship, with the commitment that she would join the Army after graduation.

“I was able to achieve this with both dedication and persistence, two skills I acquired by understanding the goal of stability that I had in life,” Smith said

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